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Founded in 2010 by Huw Montgomery, Kaya Design provides an array of sustainable architectural design services in the UK. Our commitment spans from initial conceptualization to on-site detailing, ensuring a seamless journey towards creating eco-homes tailored to suit your lifestyle. Our approach integrates cutting-edge technical innovation, creative design, and stringent building procedures, resulting in cost-effective, low-impact structures aligned with your unique aspirations.


What sets us apart is our dedication to establishing close connections with clients. By fostering strong relationships, we delve deep into their visions for the design, utilizing 3D visualization techniques to bring ideas to life and infuse each project with a personal essence, to ensure the client is at the heart of the design. Our goal is not just to construct buildings but to create spaces that resonate with the soul of the client, reflecting their lifestyle and preferences.


With a focus on energy-efficient techniques, we bring extensive knowledge to the table, aiming to reduce your building's reliance on costly energy sources. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the architectural realm, creating spaces that are not only environmentally conscious but also soulful and harmonious. Kaya Design provides a bespoke architectural experience, creating spaces that reflect your vision and embrace a sustainable future tailored to your lifestyle.

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Inspired by architecture from an early age, Huw chose to study an undergraduate in architectural engineering at Cardiff University to obtain the grounding that the engineering component provides. The ethos of the course was to combine the challenges and inventiveness of a modern building industry with a flair for originality and creativity. As an architectural engineering graduate, mastering in Architecture: Advanced Environmental & Energy Studies, Huw developed skills through practical hands on work and design experience. During placement with Mark Orme Architects Huw worked within a small design team contributing to a varied and extensive portfolio of sustainable timber frame projects. In the growing climate of increased environmental awareness, he developed an extensive portfolio specialising in sustainable design.

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